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Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only way to remove your hair permanently. We will help you to get rid of your hair in a short time, forever!


Get oxygen to your face and refresh your skin! Look younger and feel better!

First Time Clients

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See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us:

I loved this place very delicate and Khatuna is great very sweet always asking if your ok while doing your treatment. The first visit she explains everything very well to you. I am definitely returning to her.


Electrolysis Client

This woman is amazing. I have seen other electrologists before which have ranged from no results to deep burn scars still present years later. I had also tried laser hair removal on the same areas as well but the results were disappointing.

With Khatuna I have a consistent permanent decline in my overall face and body hair. It is a joy to see her and I feel we accomplish a ton with the time I have booked. She is meticulous with her inspection and works quickly to clean an area before moving on.

She is extremely knowledgable, honest and candid which has caused me to truly value her practical, compassionate and logical explanations. Her fees are extremely reasonable and are frankly much lower than most others-including those who have wasted my time with no results or left scars.

In addition, I am grateful for her hours and availability. As a medical practitioner myself, I appreciate she is conscientious and consistent with excellent hygiene and infection control.

My unwanted embarrassing hair is almost permanently gone- I have needed touch-ups every several months for hairs on a slower growth cycle- it will be almost a disappointment to not need hair removal any longer as I won’t have an excuse to see her any longer.

She holds herself to an extremely high standard and the results she has generated have changed my life.

Amanda A.

Electrolysis Client

Very nice lady, very cute looking, clean place. Pleasant experience (as pleasant as electrolysis can be at least)


Electrolysis client

She seems very knowledgeable and honest. I’m very excited to continue my treatments and fix these pesky hairs once and for all!


Electrolysis client

I’ve been getting electrolysis/laser/you name it for several years now and have been frustrated that I haven’t seen results. I am really really impressed with Oxy Bella. I’ve had 3 sessions thus far and am already seeing major results. Hair grows back much thinner and takes a while to come in (about 3 weeks in between sessions which is much longer than it used to be.)

Elena W.

Electrolysis client

She is professional, easy to work with and explains the why of all she does. Well worth it. It is a professional environment and I would return if more treatments are needed.


Electrolysis client

Khatuna is awesome. She is SO generous and accommodating. She is also very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Even though the sessions are painful, I enjoy chatting with her and getting good work done. I would recommend going to her and sticking with her for all of your electrolysis needs!

Emily R.

Electrolysis client

I have seen Khatuna for seven treatments on my chin, and the experience has been very satisfactory. I’ve had a great deal of hair reduction so far, and all of my thick hairs have grown finer. She has great bedside manner and always makes me feel welcome and comfortable. I don’t feel embarrassed when I’m around her because of her kind and sympathetic demeanor. The treatment she has given me is nothing short of life-changing. Yes, it’s a little bit painful, but I know that the results are good. If you have any doubts, go to her for a consultation.

Laura K.

Electrolysis client

I am going to share a story with you, bcs we’re homies and I feel like I can tell you this, even though it is an embarrassing childhood memory.

When I was about 12 or 13, I was standing in line to get a CD signed. Probably Korn or Green Day. Lame. Anyway, I was with a couple friends, and one of them suddenly squinted at my face and then laughed and pointed and said really loudly, “Oh my god, Hannah has a beard!” Somehow, puberty had snuck up on me in a place where I wasn’t expecting. My chin. But this wasn’t the peach fuzz most girls are used to, this was a small scattering of dark, thick single hairs. Totally visible from a distance. Because God decided to bless me with almost translucently pale skin and mega dark hair. So, that night, I started plucking those bastards and never looked back.

Thanks for listening. Anyway, as the years went on, I noticed something: if I skipped plucking for a while, the hairs were coming back with a vengeance. No longer the small scattering, it would be a veritable patch of hair. Waxing would yield the same results: my lip would stay light and fuzzy, but my chin just wanted to channel it’s inner billy goat. Yay. Sexy.

My beloved waxer at Harmony Spa recommended I look into electrolysis. She rents out her space to Khatuna, owner of Oxy Bella. So let me be clear: These are two totally different businesses operating out of the same space. They don’t even share the front desk.

Khatuna is AMAZING. This is professionalism and knowledge at a level that you just don’t find a lot these days. She did a free consult, where she looked at my chin and discussed my heritage, my hair growth patterns, and my current strategy for hair removal.

Plucking, ladies? It’s a BAD THING. Apparently it can stimulate the follicles and cause even more growth. Khatuna begged me to tell everyone I know that if you’re plucking, you should stop.

And that was the thing I liked most about her. She was super honest, and very interested in teaching, not just treating. After our sessions, she sat with me and we talked about my progress and what I could expect.

The electrolysis itself? Well it didn’t tickle, that’s for sure. It kind of feels like a bee sting. The needle going in isn’t that bad, but then it feels like it gets super hot for a split second, so it’s like a little pinchy-burny sensation. She works on a timer, usually 15 minute sessions. And trust me, 15 minutes is about all I could handle. Price came to about $75. Cash or check only!!!

I’ve done two sessions so far. After the first, I had a tiny bruise on my chin–the result of my paleness and anemia, probably. It faded after a couple days. Both times I had mega redness, but that faded within an hour or less. Best of all, my skin was so smooth and even and lovely! After a while, the hairs that weren’t killed the first time came in, and I just had them taken care of. I did not touch my tweezers between treatments! I may need a couple more sessions, but then I should have a permanently hairless chin!!! I feel so much better about myself and I’m really glad I found Khatuna. I’m already thinking about going to her for more sessions (permanently hairless bikini, anyone?)

Highly highly highly recommended. If you’ve ever considered electrolysis, I think Oxy Bella is the place to go. And if you’re plucking your face, STOP!

Hannah E.

Electrolysis client

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